Abang Kacak still keeping Ipoh folks cool with cendol

IPOH: On a Friday evening, Wawasan Cendol Abang Kacak on Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh is loaded with clients. Outside the shop, there are appealing flags yelling out that lawmaker Khairy Jamaluddin and vocalist Amy Search have both partaken in the cendol here.

Inside, the spot is loaded up with intriguing memorabilia – rare banners of Michael Jackson, P Ramlee, and Bruce Lee as well as a sculpture of MGR or M G Ramachandran, the famous Indian lawmaker, entertainer, and filmmaker.Customers, all things considered, should be visible eating up bowls of cendol as they partake in a short relief on a hot day. There are a couple of void tables in sight, and it is clear that this is a well known foundation in town.But what precisely is the principal fascination here? The cendol? The interesting climate? Its nearness to the famous “nasi marijuana” slow down in Yong Suan Bistro that makes it an optimal spot for dessert?

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Or then again might it at some point be “Abang Kacak” himself? The FMT group as of late visited the foundation to get the scoop.

The man behind the name is Kelvin Raj Moses, who shared the historical backdrop of the business and how it got its famous moniker.

“My mom really began the business in 2015 and I began assisting a couple of months some other time when I completed my SPM assessments,” said the 23-year-old, who is of Indian and Chinese descent.He began learning the craft of making an ideal bowl of cendol from his mom. In those days, they worked out of a sidecar and initially began selling in Buntong prior to moving to Ipoh’s popular Mistress Path.

“We were initially called Wawasan Cendol. Yet, in December 2016, somebody posted a Tweet about an attractive person selling cendol and it became a web sensation. Our business acquired a great deal of consideration and that is the manner by which we became known as ‘Wawasan Cendol Abang Kacak’,” he said with a chuckle.

Business before long developed, and in 2018, they moved into their ongoing premises.

For the inquisitive, has there been a flood of youthful ladies expecting to get a brief look at him? “Indeed, I don’t actually consider such things as my center is to develop the business,” he shared modestly.Customers can anticipate getting a charge out of three distinct sorts of cendol here: the cendol with creamed corn, glutinous rice, or durian, which, Kelvin added, is their unmistakable contribution.

“We utilize great quality fixings, and the palm sugar, coconut milk, and glutinous rice are custom made.”

During the pandemic, Kelvin shared that they extended to one more shop a couple of entryways down to guarantee they had sufficient room for social separating purposes.

“Nonetheless, nowadays, we possibly open the second shop when this shop is full,” he said, adding that they sell a normal of 50 dishes of cendol on non-weekend days and 100 dishes during the ends of the week.

“Albeit a pennant outside the shop says that we give free papadum to clients who bring ‘nasi hashish’ to our shop, we really give it to each client, as well as free stopping coupons for as long as 60 minutes.”

Checking out the spot, he added, “At last, we maintain that our clients should be cheerful when they are here and ideally, they’ll partake in a decent bowl of cendol in a wonderful environment.”The cendol durian is a luscious and liberal treat – a must-attempt particularly for the people who are fanatics of the “Lord of Organic products”. The tissue of the durian is rich and goes superbly with the thick coconut milk, palm sugar, and cooked peanuts. Every rich, super cold spoonful is best relished gradually.

The cendol with glutinous rice is comparable. The delicate and tacky rice soaked in palm sugar certainly adds a fascinating surface to the cendol. Albeit even a solitary aiding might be too filling for some, you could arrange one bowl and split it a few different ways.

For those searching for a lighter choice, the cendol with creamed corn is the ideal response. The corn has a perfectly measured proportion of pleasantness, and is perfect with the springy pandan jam and delicate red beans.

In general, whether it’s for the cendol, climate, or the agreeable Kelvin – drop by Wawasan Cendol Abang Kacak when you’re in Ipoh next!

Wawasan Cendol Abang Kacak
No 8 and 14
Jalan Yang Kalsom
30250 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan

Business hours: 10.30am to 7.00pm day to day

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